Garden Gift Giving

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One of the many great things about South Texas is that the growing season comes only a couple of months after the holiday season. So if you’re looking for a last minute garden gift idea, consider something for your friends or family that would help make them more water wise next spring.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few ideas:

  • For the zero-hassle gardener – Consider a xerophytic plant, such as a cactus or other succulent, to serve as the foundation of their xeriscape garden.
  • For the earth enthusiast – They’ll think of you every time they toss an eggshell or banana peel into their shiny, new compost bin! Readily available at home improvement stores, compost bins hold nutrient-rich materials that, when added to soil, increases its moisture-holding capacity and encourages beneficial bacteria. Good soil reduces the need for watering, weeding and fighting pests.
  • For the rainy day-saver – Their very own water reservoir, aka a rain barrel, will just brighten their day, and let them extend the benefits of beneficial rainfall.
  • For the late sleeper – Imagine their delight when they realize the irrigation timer you gave them will not only help them water more efficiently but also let them sleep a few hours longer. (I think you were just upgraded to BFF!)

Home improvement stores and garden centers generally have these items year-round. So pay them a visit and give a gift that benefits your friends and the environment long after the lights and tinsel have been packed away.

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