Let Them Eat Bugs!

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Almost all plants in our gardens attract insects of some kind. Some bugs are beneficial, but others can destroy a plant in no time flat.

Perhaps you’ve tried organic pesticides to no avail. Why not let our feathered friends do the job instead? Nearly all birds eat insects and some rely on them exclusively.

Birds are most likely to feed:

  • In plants – Shrubs that bear fruit such as cherry laurel, yaupon and sumac offer up all types of crawling, flying or hopping insects.
  • In trees – Spring-blooming trees such as redbuds and fruit varieties attract more pollinating insects than shrubs, and the bark harbors adult insects and their larvae; nesting birds eat the insects and feed them to their young.
  • On the ground – Earthworms are a good source of food, and centipedes and those roly-poly sow bugs hide in leaf litter.

Provide feeders and water, minimize your use of pesticides and grow plants that attract a variety of birds.

With some time and a little luck, birds will be doing your pest control for you!

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