Pretty Plants with Poisonous Ways

erin conant

Nothing makes you more aware of the dangers that surround us day to day than having young children in your life. They’re curious, uninhibited, and love to explore the world around them using all of their senses.

Just as some of the chemicals in our homes pose a threat to our kids, so do some plants in our yards. Here are a few of the most common poisonous plants:

  • Mountain Laurel – Seed pods burst open, scattering marble-sized, bright red seeds that are tempting to curious hands. The seed coat is incredibly hard, so it’s not likely the toxin will be exposed during digestion, but if one is exposed, the effects could be catastrophic.
  • Oleander – All parts of this tropical-looking shrub are considered extremely toxic. Although they may not have a particularly child-luring attractiveness, it is often planted in mass, therefore making it more accessible.
  • Mistletoe – Yes, this sweet and seemingly innocent reminder of the Christmas season has highly poisonous seeds. Exercise caution if you bring a sprig in to add to your winter-time décor.

Now, I’m not discouraging the use of Mountain Laurels or Oleanders in your landscape, but rather encouraging you to be informed about your plant choices.

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