Full Sun Garden Design

Do you have an area in your yard where you struggle to keep anything alive, and it is too far and annoying to drag your hose there?

If you select the right plants, you can transform that area into an asset that adds a lot of curb appeal!


Indestructible Design

Whoever thought it was a good idea to plant a thin strip of grass surrounded by the sidewalk and street must not be from South Central Texas! But that is okay, y’all, we have you covered with a design for your inferno strip that will sail through our summers and look gorgeous doing it!

This is a design for a 200 square-foot inferno strip in full sun.

This bed is five feet by 40 feet and you can create it using one of our WaterSaver landscape coupons, only having to buy a few extra plants to fill it in quicker.

The red yucca adds evergreen structure and architectural interest, and looks neat and clean. The blooms in the spring will also attract many hummingbirds.

We recommend keeping it simple in this area with a low-growing fluffy groundcover that will fill up the area quickly and can tolerate some foot traffic.  The snake herb will fill in the entire exposed earth and act as a living mulch so that you will not have to mulch every year. This is important in an area like this because there is nothing more annoying than mulch washing into the sidewalk. It looks unsightly and can trip your neighbors or send a child on a bike over their handlebars.

When you create this bed and remove the grass, be sure and dig it out low enough so you can use the edges of the sidewalk and street as your edging material. You’ll avoid having to use sharp metal edging material close to the sidewalk where kids and passers-by could trip or get scraped. Dig down far enough to accommodate a light mulch layer – approximately 1.5- 2 inches in this bed. Add a light layer of mulch initially to help the plants establish, and then once the snakeherb groundcover fills in, you will never have to mulch again. That is a money and labor saver!

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