Deeply Shady

Is your turf grass struggling or nonexistent in the shady areas of your yard or under your trees causing unsightly mud and erosion? You can solve that problem beautifully with a shade garden!


Deep Shade: Dilemma to Delight

Do you have an area in your yard where the grass will not grow and you are left with a muddy mess and a lot of erosion? Doggies constantly tracking in mud, perhaps? Lots of homeowners try to solve this problem by re-sodding year after year only to have the sod thin and die, causing a muddy mess again. If you are tired of chasing your tail, why not create a beautiful shade garden with plants that will be happy and thrive? Not only will you turn an unsightly area into something beautiful, you will also attract wildlife and prevent erosion. Plants, when used correctly, can be incredible problem solvers!

This is a design for a 200-square-foot garden bed in the shade of a large tree.  It is a 20 foot by 20 foot curved triangular bed that is very simple to create in a shady corner of your yard.

The most prominent plant in this design is the smallest one, Texas sedge. It is a well-behaved little native groundcover that, unlike sod, LOVES being in the shade. When planted densely, it acts as a green mulch that suppresses weeds, saving you money because you don’t have to re-mulch year after year. The Turk’s cap will add nice leafy foliage and beautiful color to your bed, as well as attract hummingbirds and other wildlife. Plant it in a nice swath to amplify the color and leafy goodness. The American beautyberry will be the largest plant in the bed and will have bright purple berries in the fall that attract many beautiful birds. Lastly, plant Gregg’s mistflower in the part-shade area and it will attract butterflies by the thousands in the fall. Everyone needs at least one Gregg’s mistflower in their yard. Doubt it? Plant one and you will soon see the magic.

Create a shade garden to solve your design challenge. It will add so much beauty to your yard, and many years of enjoyment for yourself and the other creatures that share your yard with you.

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Colorful partly shady garden bed on a street corner.