Work With Nature, Not Against It

Sun-loving turf will never thrive in deep shade, no matter what you do to it. Replace problem areas with native plants from the WaterSaver Landscape Coupon. There are more than 100 gorgeous options!

A common complaint I hear from customers is the inability to grow grass under the dense shade of live oaks. Many homeowners have re-sodded with Bermuda grass or St. Augustine several times only to have it thin out and disappear repeatedly.

Here’s the problem: Sun-loving turf will never thrive in deep shade, no matter what you do to it. The solution is to look to nature.

Take a walk through an area of live oaks and observe what grows beneath them. There are several species that can be found naturally growing under the shade of live oaks including Turk’s cap, cedar sage, tropical sage, heartleaf skullcap, white mistflower, inland sea oats and cedar sedge to name a few. Replace your failed turf grass with a drought tolerant bed of any of the aforementioned species.

Native plants have adapted over time to the unique soils, climate, aspect, animals and other plants in one particular area. Many common landscape problems can be solved by looking to nature for inspiration.

Whether you’re struggling to keep grass alive in full sun or full shade, SAWS can help with WaterSaver Landscape Coupons. Stop spinning your wheels and fighting nature — replace problem areas in 200-square-foot sections with drought tolerant plants. There are more than 100 gorgeous options!

None of the plants on the list require any supplemental fertilizer and excess water once they’re established. Save time, money and water by working with nature instead of against it.

Picture of Sarah Galvan
Sarah Galvan
Sarah Galvan has been passionate about gardening since she was a child. She’s an arborist, herbalist, Texas master naturalist, a former SAWS conservation consultant and holds native landscape certification. Galvan worked as a native landscape designer where she focused on supporting native bird and pollinator populations. When she’s not answering gardening questions or working on her biology degree, Galvan enjoys hiking, kayaking, bird and butterfly watching, and competing in plant identification competitions.
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