At least 50% sun. An evergreen, tender tropical succulent with stiff, colorful leaves in a variety of silver, green and burgundy shades. Often grown as a potted plant, they’re hardy […]

Morning Glory

Sun. A perennial vine with cheerful purple flowers that easily make up for its long twining tendrils and habit of grabbing and climbing over adjacent plants. Names like \”purple bindweed\” […]

Salvia ‘Mystic Spires’

Salvia Mystic Spires

Sun or partial sun. Mystic Spires is a compact version of the standby ‘Indigo Spires’ salvia — believed to have originated as an irradiated seedling. Spikes of deep purple blooms […]

Gray Shrub Sage

Sun or light shade. A low, mounding evergreen salvia with woody stems and aromatic greyish foliage. Sky-blue flowers appear as early as February and may last all season long.\n\nNative to […]

Big Red Sage

Sun. An herbaceous perennial salvia, with 2′-3′ tall wands of reddish-purple sage flowers in spring and summer. Somewhat similar to scarlet sage in habit, but the glossy leaves are distinctive.\n\nBig […]

Carolina Jessamine

Sun/part shade; evergreen, with masses of yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers in spring and fall. \n\nThe mounding, twining vines grow with an informal habit and can reach up to 20 feet, climbing […]


Full or partial sun. A large-leaved herbaceous perennial with leaves and habits resembling its close relatives, banana and ginger. Big, warm-colored flowers resemble iris, attracting hummingbirds and bees. Many cultivated […]


Sun or shade; it needs less water in filtered shade. A low-sprawling evergreen perennial with scarlet-red blooms and softly (and sometimes sharply) fuzzy apple-green leaves. Betony is deer resistant and […]


Sun. A tough, coarse annual wildflower with minty gray-green leaves. Common in fields and along Texas roadsides, its pink pom-poms are a standout in early summer when other wildflowers are […]