What’s an Acadian To Plant in Texas?

Discovery of thriving Texas natives gave Heather a plan for transformation.

Love brought this Acadian to San Antonio… and I got here as fast as I could!

For those who aren’t familiar, Acadians are the Cajun people of the north – French Canadians and Aboriginals make up the majority of the group and most, like me, are Métis.

During the French and Indian War years and afterward, many Acadians migrated south to what is now known as Louisiana, and where Cajun culture was then born. In other words, Acadian and Cajun peoples originate from the same place, Eastern Canada’s Maritime Provinces.

My people have a long history of working with nature and I am thankful to my ancestors for instilling in me a deep love and respect for nature. Speaking of, it wasn’t long before I realized having a lush grass landscape in South Texas takes way too much work and water to maintain.

I wanted a landscape that is useful and that thrives in this climate. I knew I could have it, too. I knew this because I began to study the plants in residential and commercial landscapes throughout the city that were thriving through neglect.

Thriving through neglect — those were the exact plants I wanted and needed.

I began researching and compiling a list and pictures of these plants. And, I quickly discovered they all had one thing in common. They were ALL native Texas plants! Beautiful, tough, wildlife-attracting, resilient, useful native Texas plants.

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So I put my plan into action and got rid of every inch of grass on our lot, and started planting. I had a clear plan, broke it up into small, doable sections, and tackled it piece by piece. Instead of thirsty, boring grass I now have a yard full of native and adapted plants for my family and children to enjoy exploring and observing all the wonderful creatures it attracts.

Before, our yard was hot, boring, sterile and dead. After, it is alive and thriving. And you can do this, too! Just use our WaterSaver Landscape Coupon to transform your landscape 200 square feet at a time.

In fact, if you want to get rid of 400 square feet of grass you can apply for two coupons. Simply apply for your coupons each season we offer them and you’ll be well on your way. We took the guesswork out of it for you with plant lists and vendors already lined up.

Picture of Heather Ginsburg
Heather Ginsburg
Heather is a Texas tradeswoman through and through! With three state water licenses under her belt, she brings a unique perspective, background and expertise to the SAWS Education team. Heather’s deep understanding of and passion for sharing water knowledge makes her perfectly suited for coordinating and leading SAWS’ education tours. Prior to joining the SAWS family, Heather worked in the private sector as a landscape designer where she spent countless hours helping homeowners create beautiful, water-saving landscapes. Heather, along with her husband Brett and their two children, all strive daily to be kind humans who give back to Mother Earth.
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