Engelmann’s Daisy

This cheerful perennial grows up to 3 feet tall in full sun. The bright yellow flowers bloom from March until July, with the greatest occurrence during the spring. This is […]

Big Bluestem

Big bluestem leaves.

Full sun or part shade; a tall, majestic native perennial grass. Leaves and stems exhibit a wide range of colors: green, blue, red and even purple, all on the same […]

Yellow Indiangrass

Full sun or part shade; a tall, majestic native perennial. Bunches of blue-green leaves grow up to 3 feet tall, with seed-heads on stems up to 6 feet. Does well […]

Texas Milkweed

Sun or full Shade. A clump-forming deciduous perennial, up to 24 inches. Thin, dark green, oval shaped leaves grow in opposite pairs up the stem. Each stem is capped by […]

Wand Milkweed

Full sun or part shade. Perennial, stems are slender, up to three feet tall and produced singly or in pairs. The intricate green flowers appear in large umbels along the […]

Green Milkweed

Full sun or part shade. Perennial, with thick green foliage in excess of 24 inches tall and wide. This is one of the taller milkweeds native to San Antonio. A […]

Clover Fern

Clover fern leaves.

Sun or shade. A delicate-looking, clover-like fern that forms spreading mats up to 8 inches tall. It makes a nice informal groundcover especially in poorly drained or shady situations or […]


Sun/part shade; semi-evergreen; a low-growing, low-maintenance groundcover that spreads quickly, mixes freely with grasses, and clambers over baskets and walls. The verbena flowers resemble lantana and attract butterflies.\n\nFrogfruit is commercially […]