Mermaid Rose

Sun; semi-evergreen. An vigorous, climbing antique rose with saucer-sized (5-inch) yellow flowers. It can grow up to twenty feet tall and wide, covering trellises, garden structures and roofs. Without support […]

Sabal Palm

Full sun. Evergreen, growing to fifty feet or more in ideal settings. Drooping leaves emerge directly from the trunk, with a dull finish; white flowers appear in early summer. Black […]

Carpet Bugleweed

Full (or at least partial) shade. Evergreen, with spikes of blue flowers in summer. A dense, fast-spreading purple groundcover spreading by runners, frequently used as an informal shade groundcover in […]

Carolina Jessamine

Sun/part shade; evergreen, with masses of yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers in spring and fall. \n\nThe mounding, twining vines grow with an informal habit and can reach up to 20 feet, climbing […]


Candelilla leaves.

Sun; some protection from western sun can make for a more attractive plant. Evergreen, with mostly unbranched pale, waxy stems. Leaves and white flowers are both inconspicuous. The waxy coating […]

Bush Germander

Sun/part shade. Evergreen (may drop leaves in extreme cold), with silvery foliage resembling Texas sage but better adapted to shade. Lavender flowers summer through fall. Intolerant of over-watering in cold […]

Japanese Boxwood

Partial sun or dappled shade. Evergreen. A dainty boxwood, with glossy oval leaves. It’s small and naturally rounded, suitable for low hedges or specimens; it looks great with yuccas, agaves […]

Beaked Yucca

Beaked yucca leaves.

Full sun. Evergreen. An attractive tree-form yucca. Many sources consider it simply a branching variety of the popular Big Bend Yucca (rostrata). Thin blue-gray leaves grow in a cluster, later […]

Japanese Yew

Shade or partial shade. Evergreen. An architectural shrub or small tree with flat, needle-like dark green leaves and a fairly conical shape. Many sizes and forms are available. Yew tolerates […]

Laurel Viburnum

Sun or shade. Evergreen, with ovate leaves and dense cymes of pink or white flowers in spring. \n\n’Spring Bouquet’ is a widely available cultivar. On its own it may grow […]