Rocky limestone soil in well-drained east- or north-facing sites, shaded by oaks or junipers. Madrone is evergreen, with white flowers in spring. It may be Texas’ loveliest tree, with peeling […]

Yaupon Holly (Upright)

Sun or light shade. Evergreen. An interesting yaupon holly cultivar, admired for its architectural form. Like Italian cypress, this variety grows as a classic exclamation mark in the landscape, with […]


Guayacan flowers.

Sun or partial shade, often found growing in thickets of Southwest Texas. Its leaves appear to grow straight out of the branches, giving it a narrow upright form even in […]

Cedar Sedge

A small evergreen sedge, appearing as a grasslike texture in the shade underneath mountain cedar and other prairie grasses. It grows as a single clump, not a turf, but can […]


Japanese ligustrum leaves and flowers.

Sun or shade. Included here as an example of aggressive non-native species to avoid in south-central Texas; the \”disgustrums\” include several privet species used by homebuilders as instant evergreen hedges. […]

Arizona Cypress

Full sun; an evergreen conifer with dense gray-green or bluish foliage and a pyramidal form.\n\nArizona cypress is fast-growing and drought-tolerant in San Antonio, providing strong form to xeriscapes. Various cultivars […]


Sun. Evergreen. Considered one of the loveliest native American trees. Magnolia’s white, fragrant flowers and perfect upright posture earn it an outsize role in Southern culture and horticulture. It’s fairly […]

Gray Shrub Sage

Sun or light shade. A low, mounding evergreen salvia with woody stems and aromatic greyish foliage. Sky-blue flowers appear as early as February and may last all season long.\n\nNative to […]