Gray Shrub Sage

Sun or light shade. A low, mounding evergreen salvia with woody stems and aromatic greyish foliage. Sky-blue flowers appear as early as February and may last all season long.\n\nNative to […]

Oklahoma Redbud

Partial shade; best if protected from afternoon summer sun. ‘Oklahoma’ is a popular selection of Texas redbud, with cool wine-red or magenta-colored flowers covering the bare branches in early springtime. […]

Big Red Sage

Sun. An herbaceous perennial salvia, with 2′-3′ tall wands of reddish-purple sage flowers in spring and summer. Somewhat similar to scarlet sage in habit, but the glossy leaves are distinctive.\n\nBig […]

Beaked Yucca

Beaked yucca leaves.

Full sun. Evergreen. An attractive tree-form yucca. Many sources consider it simply a branching variety of the popular Big Bend Yucca (rostrata). Thin blue-gray leaves grow in a cluster, later […]

Mutabilis Rose

Sun; semi-evergreen. Mutabilis is a terrific landscape and shrub rose. Its vigorous habit and size can hide any other imperfections. Very simple \”butterfly\” flowers appear throughout the year in yellow, […]

Climbing Cecile Brunner Rose

Climbing Cecile Brunner rose.

Full sun. Evergreen. Called the Sweetheart Rose because of its small, picture-perfect flower buds. This climbing polyantha is a nearly thornless repeat bloomer.

Mexican Honeysuckle

Mexican honeysuckle flowers.

Sun/part shade; nearly evergreen, with velvety ovate leaves, floppy branches and a rounded shrub-like form. Orange tube flowers appear on and off throughout the year, but especially from June to […]

Yaupon Holly (Dwarf)

Sun/part shade; evergreen, with a low, mound like form (up to 4 feet). All dwarf yaupon cultivars are male — meaning they won’t bear any of the showy red fruit […]

Crape Myrtle ‘Natchez’

Full sun; deciduous. All the \”Indian series\” hybrids were produced at the National Arboretum to improve disease resistance and lengthen the bloom period. ‘Natchez’ is the white-blooming version with striking […]

Crape Myrtle ‘Basham’s Party Pink’

Full sun; deciduous, with pale silvery-pink flowers throughout the warm season. Basham’s is a very large 40′ crape myrtle (the name commemorates Bill Basham, the city of Houston’s horticulturist in […]