Managing Our Water: From Faucet to Gulf

Is a river still a river without water? Get the answer to this question and more during a webinar Oct. 21.

By Gregg Eckhardt 

How much water does a river need for its own health and that of downriver? SAWS President Robert R. Puente authored a law that required scientists to answer that very question in 2003.

Join me Oct. 21 for a webinar about how flow needs for the San Antonio River were determined and what SAWS is doing to help.

SAWS’ approach involves a unique and innovative permit that is now under consideration by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. If issued, this permit will be a lasting legacy that demonstrates our commitment to protecting and managing our water resources in a way that benefits the entire region.

We’ll also talk about what happens to water after you shower or flush, and how important recycled water is to the ecological health of the San Antonio River and the economies of cities along the coast. The permit will allow SAWS to protect this water for the future, ensuring it continues to sustain the river along its 250-mile journey to the coast.

And as the supply of recycled water grows in the coming decades, SAWS wants to make sure that water is protected and available for the next generation of San Antonio water managers.

Learn what you can do to help protect the San Antonio River. There are many landscape and gardening techniques to help slow down and purify water before it reaches the river. Each of us can be a river steward at our own homes!

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