Maintenance Must-do: Fall Irrigation System Checkup

Just like any other mechanical device, an irrigation system requires regular maintenance. There are a few minor issues an enterprising homeowner can repair on their own.

This summer was brutally hot, and if you have an in-ground irrigation system it was probably working overtime. Just like any other mechanical machine, an irrigation system requires maintenance.

Now that the heat has broken you won’t need to use it as often so now is the perfect time to assess and make minor repairs to your system.

Here’s a few irrigation malfunctions I often encounter and that an enterprising homeowner could trouble shoot on their own.

  • Nozzle problems: Nozzles break, get clogged and become misaligned. Anything that disrupts the pattern of water the nozzle is designed to produce will make your system run less efficiently. Keep nozzles clear and pointed in the right direction to make sure your system doesn’t waste water by flowing onto sidewalks, driveways, etc.
  • Broken and missing heads: A broken head can create a geyser, but many times the result is much less noticeable. If you run a station and the heads don’t pop up all the way, something is causing low pressure on that zone, possibly a broken head or pipe. A broken head or pipe will often increase the water used by that zone and prevent the water from going where it was designed to — a lose-lose.
  • Landscapes changes: When the system was installed your shrubs were likely smaller or perhaps you’ve installed a new flower bed. In any case, it’s helpful to assess your irrigation system to see if what was built is still the best design for your current landscape. SAWS offers rebates to homeowners who want to make their irrigation systems more efficient, so schedule your consultation today.

Of course, if you’re not comfortable inspecting your system yourself, you can always schedule an irrigation consultation with one of our licensed irrigators. In just an hour they’ll review your system for maintenance issues, create a custom schedule based on your system and landscape, and check to see if you’re eligible for rebates.

Keeping your irrigation system running properly means you can run it less and save more water!

Picture of Cleveland Powell
Cleveland Powell
Cleveland Powell is a conservation planner for SAWS. He is enthusiastic about grass taxonomy and milkweed propagation. In his free time, Powell enjoys hiking around area parks in search of intriguing bugs, birds and plants.
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