Get your Steps in and Get inspired

It’s a new year for new resolutions. If walking is one of yours, lace up your sneakers and stroll some of our favorite haunts for exercise and landscape ideas.

Now that the holidays and holiday parties have come and gone January finds many of us reassessing our personal exercise regime.

Did you happen to get a biometrics wearable that counts steps? If you did try pairing that with a nice walk through the neighborhood or elsewhere around town and be on the lookout for landscape ideas while you get your steps in.

When we get a stretch of mild winter weather, I walk my own neighborhood where I know if I see something in a landscape I like, it’ll have a good chance of thriving in my yard because the soils will be similar.

Some of my other favorite places around town to get my steps in and get great landscape ideas include:

  1. Hardberger and Friedrich Wilderness parks — native plants do well without any help from us. If you water your natives every week (or even every month), you’re watering needlessly.
  2. The Museum Reach of the San Antonio River and The Shops at La Cantera both have a mix of native and well adaptive plants in a more manicured setting.
  3. WaterSaver Lane and other micro-gardens at the San Antonio Botanical Garden feature water-savvy plants that are perfectly suited for San Antonio.
  4. King William and Monte Vista neighborhoods have interesting examples of patioscape and landscape additions that work well in any yard regardless of soil profiles.

So lace up your sneakers, take a walk and get some garden inspiration. And keep an eye out for details on our spring coupons — coming in mid-February!

Picture of Dana Nichols
Dana Nichols
As conservation manager at SAWS, Dana spent her days promoting beautiful San Antonio landscapes that need little to no water while benefiting Texas wildlife. While she’s no longer whipping up new landscape programs, she’s still cooking up delicious dinners made with fresh herbs from her low-water-use garden or planning the next trip with her husband, Rick -- preferably to some exotic place that requires a passport.
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