Free Water Flow Sensor? Yes, Please!

Want to know exactly when your water meter is running? Apply for a water flow sensor rebate and get the Flume 2 for next to nothing!

Have you ever been surprised by a large water bill? Sometimes the culprit is a leaky faucet that adds up drip by drip. Other times there’s an invisible leak — water softeners, ice makers in fridges, and toilets are all common places where these not-so-obvious leaks occur.

flume product

This is where a flow sensor can come in handy. Flow sensors use the power of your smartphone to let you know in real time when your water meter is running, so you know how much water you are using and when.

Flume, one of the approved SAWS flow sensors, recently released Flume 2 Smart Home Water Monitor. The updated version comes with more battery capacity and better Wi-Fi connection. From Nov. 10 through Dec. 4, Flume 2 is available for $150 including tax and shipping.

And here’s the best part: After SAWS’ $150 water flow sensor rebate, your Flume is free!

If you’ve applied for the rebate in the past, you are not eligible for a second rebate.

Picture of Sarah Gorton
Sarah Gorton
Sarah Gorton is a Planner with the SAWS Conservation department. She is passionate about bats and native plants, with a particular fondness for horseherb! Sarah has completed certifications through Texas Master Naturalist and Native Plant Society. When she isn't working on her research on the use of native grasses for uptaking pollutants at UTSA, she can be found making stained glass or hanging out with her two Chihuahuas.
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