Rocky limestone soil in well-drained east- or north-facing sites, shaded by oaks or junipers. Madrone is evergreen, with white flowers in spring. It may be Texas’ loveliest tree, with peeling […]

Meyer Lemon

Lemon leaves and fruit.

Best in sun, but tolerates shade. Evergreen. Meyer is a citrus-tangerine hybrid popular with home gardens due to its compact size and abundant fruit. The lemons are plump, juicy, and […]


Sun or partial shade. Evergreen. A slender small tree native in Northern Mexico and around Rio Grande City in Texas. Crushed leaves are fragrant.


Partial shade or morning sun. Evergreen. A small tree or large shrub related to citrus, with glossy trifoliate foliage, white flowers, and unusual lobed seedpods (for a citrus) which explode […]


Japanese ligustrum leaves and flowers.

Sun or shade. Included here as an example of aggressive non-native species to avoid in south-central Texas; the \”disgustrums\” include several privet species used by homebuilders as instant evergreen hedges. […]

Old Man’s Beard

Sun or partial shade. A perennial vine, most often seen along roadsides or fences, where its wispy plumes are a signature of late summer. Male and female plants produce different […]


Full sun. A shrub the size of a small tree, with waxy flowers and a terrific perfume familiar to anyone who’s ever been presented a Hawaiian lei. The big tropical […]

Crape Myrtle

Full sun (crape myrtles will not bloom well in the shade around your live oaks.) Deciduous. Crape myrtle is a lovely ornamental with muscular trunks, colorful peeling bark, and a […]