Sun or partial shade. Evergreen. A very large evergreen shrub, with abundant creamy flowers in spring. When it comes to photinia, most buyers are thinking of red-tipped photinia, whose new […]

Green Milkweed

Full sun or part shade. Perennial, with thick green foliage in excess of 24 inches tall and wide. This is one of the taller milkweeds native to San Antonio. A […]

Zizotes Milkweed

Fun sun or partial shade. Perennial, with mounding foliage up to 24 inches tall and wide. Clusters of small, intricate pale green flowers appear throughout the year, followed by conspicuous […]


Candelilla leaves.

Sun; some protection from western sun can make for a more attractive plant. Evergreen, with mostly unbranched pale, waxy stems. Leaves and white flowers are both inconspicuous. The waxy coating […]

Common Elderberry

Partial shade or sun / woodland or shrub edges. Deciduous and herbaceous, with many arching woody stems arising from the base. White flower clusters appear in early summer and periodically […]

Buckley’s Yucca

Sun. Evergreen and ornamental, with stiff, white-margined yucca leaves up to 2′ long. 5′ tall panicles of cream-colored flowers appear in late spring. Extremely drought hardy on thin-soiled local hillsides; […]

Big Bend Yucca

Full sun. Evergreen. A small, well-behaved tree-form yucca with a branching habit. Thin blue-gray leaves grow in a tight cluster atop the trunk, and later drape down to form a […]

Evergreen Sumac

Sun/part shade; evergreen; fast-growing and shrubby. Creamy white summer flowers are followed by tart red fruits.\n\nUseful as either a large shrub or an evergreen screen, especially in rocky soils north […]

Blue Sotol

Full sun; evergreen, with long, strappy blue-gray leaves. One of the most ornamental of all desert plants. Tall flower stalks appear in summer, attracting hummingbirds. This pale sotol performs well […]

Green Sotol

Green sotol leaves.

Full sun. Evergreen and very ornamental with long, mounding grass-like foliage armed with sharp teeth. The common name desert spoon, refers not to the leaves but their bases which contain […]