Elevate Your Landscape: Add Raised Garden Beds

Now is a great time to start thinking about how to add raised garden beds to your spring landscape. There are many different ways to build raised landscape beds. And, you can use just about anything to create them – from rocks and stones to wood and even glass bottles.

Just keep these things in mind when planning your design:

  • Try to make the tops of the beds level, even if you have uneven or sloping ground. This will give them a tidy appearance and help with drainage.
  • Use a soil or a soil-less planting mix that drains well. Plants grow quickly and vigorously when their roots are not hindered by compacted native soil or too much water. Mix loam soils with organic matter like compost or well-rotted pine bark.
  • Decide what plants you’re going to grow. Vegetables, herbs, and cottage type perennials are all good choices. But be sensitive to each variety’s unique water and sunlight needs. Some may not thrive if planted together.
  • Avoid putting sun-loving plants in the shade and vice versa. Every plant needs sunlight, but not all plants require the same amount.

Raised garden beds add dimension to your landscape and they’re ideal if space is a premium. And there are many other advantages to adding raised beds to your landscape. So get creative – only your imagination is the limit!

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