C’mon on down to SAWS’ premier gardening shindig!

Help your landscape get back in the saddle and learn to garden like a Texan at Spring Bloom, Saturday, March 9.

Need help creating a landscape that can weather our extended droughts, deep freezes and extreme heat that had us all wilting last summer? Get your boots on and giddyap to Spring Bloom to learn how to wrangle your water use and make your landscape tougher than a nine-banded armadillo!

conservation boothA wide range of community organizations with gardening and water experts will be there to share practical tips on landscape design, plant selection, mulching and watering. If you haven’t explored the new WaterSaver Community at San Antonio Botanical Garden yet, their staff will share ideas from the exhibit which features five stunning landscapes with no grass or irrigation.

woman handing out plantsRide out early as the first 1,000 adult guests will get a free WaterSaver plant to take home. Then mosey on over to the plant sales and rustle yourself up some native plants, drought-hardy ornamentals and herbs to add some yee-haw to your landscape.

Round up your family and friends to hear our expert speakers.

  • 9:30 a.m. Landscape: Redesign for Resiliency, John Hamilton, San Antonio Botanical Garden
  • 10:30 a.m. Drought Watering Rule Updates You Should Know, Karen Guz, San Antonio Water System
  • 11:30 a.m. Proper Tree Watering, David Vaughan, San Antonio Arborist Association

connect H2O boothAnd our new ConnectH2O electronic water meters are popping up faster than prairie dogs all over town. If you’re curious about how they work and can save you money, catch up with us at Spring Bloom.

Our staff can also teach you how to wrangle your water use with our conservation programs — no need for a San Antonio landscape thirstier than a stampede of steers!

See ya Saturday, pardner!

Picture of Sasha Kodet
Sasha Kodet
Sasha Kodet is a conservation planner whose large garden attracts a myriad of wildlife and curious neighbors with minimal water. At SAWS, Kodet develops outdoor programs to help people create their own beautiful, water-saving landscapes. She draws on her two decades of experience as a naturalist, botanical garden educator and event planner. Kodet enjoys (really) long walks in the woods and has thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail and the Long Trail.
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