Green Thumbs Up!

Ever wonder what it means when people say they have a green thumb? It’s simple really. Someone who possesses a green thumb has a knack for gardening.

But it’s not always an innate gift. Anyone who learns the necessary skills to grow a garden well can develop a green thumb. Successful gardening involves understanding the genetic characteristics and needs of a plant, as well as knowing the environment where the plants will live.

Start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Is my landscape in the sun or shade? When does it get sunlight – in the morning or afternoon?
  • What kind of soil do I have, and what condition is it in? Do I need to revive the soil with compost or some type of aeration?
  • What temperatures do I have in both winter and summer?
  • What plants can be cultivated easily in this ecosystem?
  • Do I have enough space — height, width, depth — for my plants to develop?
  • How much water will these plants need?

If you can start to answer these questions, you’re well on your way to sporting a green thumb!

Picture of David Abrego
David Abrego
David Abrego is a conservation consultant for SAWS. David, a native of Panama, likes to spend his time surrounded by plants and fruit trees. So if you can’t find him at home, he’s probably working in a greenhouse. David is also an arborist and an irrigation technician.
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