WaterSaver Coupons Return in May

WaterSaver Coupons Return in May

Planning is the key to making smart water-saving landscape changes. Identify the areas you want to change now and you'll be ready to use our money-saving landscape and patioscape coupons in May!

Grass is the single most water-demanding element in a residential landscape. Minimizing grass in your landscape will help you save water and money. Your opportunity to give up some grass happens next month!

Coming in May, SAWS will be offering two ways to replace your lawn — with a drought-tolerant garden bed ($100 WaterSaver Landscape Coupon) or patio ($100 WaterSaver Patioscape Coupon, $200 if you have an irrigation system). Or combine both coupons to create a more diverse, attractive landscape!

Each coupon is intended to cover only a portion of the cost associated with the installment of a 200-square-foot plant bed or pervious patio. You can apply for up to eight coupons for total of 1,600 square feet of change.

So what can you do between now and when the WaterSaver Coupons return in May? Plan, of course!

Planning is the key to making smart water-saving landscape changes. Identify the areas to change and visualize the beautiful lush flower beds and inviting outdoor living spaces you can create with the WaterSaver Coupons. And remember to check out GardenStyleSA.com for great ideas!

Have an automatic irrigation system? Schedule a free irrigation consultation now. If you plan to use the WaterSaver Coupons, you’ll have to cap all irrigation heads in the area(s) you intend to install beds or patioscape. If the required changes to the system are extensive, a free irrigation consultation with our experts may also qualify you for the Residential Irrigation Design Rebate, which may further defray the cost of your project.

Even if you don’t apply for a coupon, but you have an automatic irrigation system, you can still schedule a free consultation at any time. Simply doing that can potentially save thousands of gallons of water per month.

With inspired ideas and a thoughtful budget that includes SAWS incentives, you’ll have taken several important steps toward your project by the time we start accepting applications in May!

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Juan Soulas

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Juan Soulas

Juan Soulas is a conservation planner for San Antonio Water System. Since joining SAWS in 2007 his duties have focused on residential water use. He works with his Conservation colleagues to help customers find ways to reduce outdoor usage without compromising the health and aesthetic quality of their landscapes. Juan also coordinates engaging outreach efforts with SAWS’ conservation partners -- Bexar County Master Gardeners, Gardening Volunteers of South Texas, San Antonio Botanical Garden and Mitchell Lake Audubon Center – to increase community access to vital conservation information.