To Sod or Not To Sod: That Is the Question

To Sod or Not To Sod: That Is the Question

Before you consider re-sodding your lawn, make sure you know SAWS policies regarding new turf. It could save you money!

Maybe you’re looking at your lawn thinking it isn’t looking so hot and perhaps re-sodding it will give it new life. But before you go and spend a boatload of money on it, let me give you the “skinny” on SAWS policies for variances on new landscapes.

During drought restrictions, SAWS may issue five-week watering variances for new landscapes, but only for brand new construction or for lawns that have been destroyed by specific circumstances such as foundation repair. The lawn area being refurbished must be more than 50 percent of the total landscape area of your lot.

We will not issue a variance for replacing spot areas in the landscape, and any variance approval will be on a case-by-case basis. Also, we reserve the right to inspect any landscape with a variance to make sure it meets the criteria. If upon further inspection the landscape is deemed non-compliant, the variance will be revoked at that time.

There are other options to consider instead of replacing grass with more grass. Since turf uses the most water, we would certainly encourage you to forgo the grass and go for the perennial.

Right now we are not in drought restrictions and variances are not required, but we are expected to be in them soon. If after mulling over all of the options, you’re still interested in turf, you can apply for a variance here. There is no guarantee of an approval.

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