Finding Water-Saving Plants Just Got Easier

Finding Water-Saving Plants Just Got Easier

Back and better than before, the "Find a Plant" section on now has improved search functions, slideshows and other nifty features. Check it out now!

Just in time for landscape season, the “Find a Plant” section is back on Garden Style San Antonio!

Find a Plant was one of the most heavily trafficked features of the website, which also includes information about rebates, coupons, gardening tips, programs etc. To visualize the Find a Plant section, think digital botanical garden highlighting old-fashioned favorites, Texas natives, Texas trees and everything in between, from groundcovers and perennials to, shrubs, palms and cacti.

Behind-the-scenes web upgrades required some re-tooling under Find a Plant’s hood, but finally the classic plant list is back online. For customers looking to stock their WaterSaver gardens, you’ll find everything you need. The overall look and format will be very familiar, but you’ll notice improved search functions, slideshows and other features.

The advanced search makes it possible to filter the list if you already know what you’re looking for such as hedges, small native trees, red-flowering hummingbird plants or deer-resistant evergreen herbs, for example.

Residents new to San Antonio will find the soil and sun/shade recommendations invaluable. For example, if you’re growing plants in a new subdivision north of town, you’ll be looking for plants for thin soil or if you’re under live oaks, you’ll be looking for full shade. The combinations are endless, but you’ll find most of the plants are familiar, either from natural areas or from commercial landscapes all over town.

One advance search option to select is the "WaterSaver Landscape Coupon." That’s right, in another week, we will have more information on how to apply for those coupons. For now, peruse the expanded plant list. More than 100 plants are now eligible for the coupon.

So if you’re planning new landscaping or just thinking about a few new additions, consult Find a Plant just in time before the real heat of the summer begins.

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Brad Wier

Brad Wier is a SAWS conservation consultant. Years in South Texas landscaping and public horticulture gave him a lasting enthusiasm for native plants that don’t die when sprinklers -- and gardeners -- break down. He’d rather save time and water for kayaking and tubing. He is a former kilt model, and hears hummingbirds.