It’s Time to Prune the Rosebushes

It’s Time to Prune the Rosebushes

Got roses in your garden? Show them a little love by pruning them in preparation for spring. Follow our tips for successful snipping.

The month of February is all about TLC — tender loving care for your heart, your loved ones and even your landscape. That’s right, February is a good month to show the roses in your garden a little love by pruning them in preparation for spring.

Depending on the type of rose, pruning is typically done to remove damaged or dead branches, renew plant vigor and encourage growth. Keep these things in mind when pruning roses:

  • Remove dead canes to the crown. Dead canes will be brown and shriveled inside and out.
  • Remove portions of canes damaged by frost. When cutting through the cane, the wood should be white clear through. If there is any brown discoloration, remove more of the cane.
  • Remove spindly canes (those smaller in diameter than a lead pencil).
  • Remove any suckers completely, not just where they emerge from the soil.
  • Always make your pruning cuts at an angle about ¼ inch above a bud that points toward the outside of the plant. The angle should slope away from the bud.


Roses typically require a little more care to keep them beautiful and producing flowers. But it’s very rewarding when you cut them for use in your home or give to others for their enjoyment.

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