Fall for Planting and WaterSaver Coupons

Fall for Planting and WaterSaver Coupons

Autumn is the time of year that every South Texas gardener looks forward to. Our WaterSaver Coupons can help you make the best of the season — pumpkin spice latte optional!

The time of year that every gardener has been looking forward to since the beginning of summer has officially arrived: Fall. Well, it’s arrived on the calendar anyway!

The cooler temperatures and shorter days that come with fall make this the perfect time of year for gardening. And, the nurseries are beckoning us to gather plants for a renovated landscape.

An added bonus is that our WaterSaver Coupons are back so that will help defray some of the cost of those new landscape plants that you want to add to your landscape project!

There are so many reasons to get out and garden. Take your pick!

  • It’s the ideal time to plant trees and shrubs because the root systems have ample time to recover from transplanting and grow new roots.
  • Cooler temperatures reduce overall plant stress and increased rainfall this time of year reduces watering needs for new plantings.
  • Plants that barely survived the summer heat will celebrate the season with a new rush of fall color.
  • Pesky pests — especially mosquitoes — retreat due to cooler temperatures.

So get out and enjoy the wonderful fall weather. Your landscape will love you for it!

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Donna Fossum is a SAWS conservation planner and graduate of Texas A&M University. She is also a master gardener so she “digs” plants. Donna goes to work every day to be able to afford her love of fishing and all things coastal. When she isn't hard at work behind her computer, she is dreaming of the beach or catching that "wall hanger" trout or redfish. She is a proud "dog mom" of one black Labrador (Matilda’s Sir Buckaroo, aka Bucky).