Budget your Landscape Project with WaterSaver Coupons

Budget your Landscape Project with WaterSaver Coupons

Wishing you had a flagstone patioscape where you could huddle around a fire pit on a chilly fall night? Use one of our WaterSaver Coupons to help defray some of the cost.

Fall is a great time to admire and enjoy your outdoor space. Ideally you could have a colorful garden filled with flowering plants like crape myrtles or Mexican buckeye and a flagstone patioscape where you can huddle around a fire pit on a chilly fall night.

But instead you have a grass-dominant landscape because the changes you’ve always wanted to make cost more than your budget allows. Well our WaterSaver Coupons can help you get started on creating your own ideal outdoor space — and save water.

The Landscape and Patioscape Coupons will help defray some of the cost of replacing grass with new landscape beds or putting in a patioscape. The coupons give you a discount on the feature item of each coupon you redeem.

Now they won’t cover the entire cost of all the materials needed to complete your project so determine a budget you can work with and prepare a landscape plan with the coupons in mind. Depending on your budget, you can make changes in one or two ways:

  • Use the Landscape Coupon to get a discount on select plants to fill a 200-square-foot bed that, once established, is less water-demanding and adds beauty to your landscape. Of the two coupon offerings, this is likely the least expensive project you can undertake.
  • Use the Patioscape Coupon to install a 200-square-foot patio made with your choice of flagstone, stepping stones or pavers to create the outdoor living space you’ve always wanted. While this option will most likely be a greater out of pocket expense, you can look forward to permanent water savings.

So start planning your WaterSaver Coupon projects, but act quickly! The application deadline is Nov. 30.

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Juan Soulas

Juan Soulas is a conservation planner for San Antonio Water System. Since joining SAWS in 2007 his duties have focused on residential water use. He works with his Conservation colleagues to help customers find ways to reduce outdoor usage without compromising the health and aesthetic quality of their landscapes. Juan also coordinates engaging outreach efforts with SAWS’ conservation partners -- Bexar County Master Gardeners, Gardening Volunteers of South Texas, San Antonio Botanical Garden and Mitchell Lake Audubon Center – to increase community access to vital conservation information.