Our rebates can help you make changes to your irrigation system and get the garden you want without the high water bills. Ditch the entire system and you’ll receive a larger rebate.

Schedule a free irrigation consultation today to find out which irrigation design rebates are available to you.

You’ll receive a customized rebate offer to make targeted changes like capping a spray zone you no longer need or retiring your system completely. Rebates will not be issued for any irrigation work completed prior to having the initial irrigation consultation.

Why the rebate? In San Antonio, customers with irrigation systems use 70 percent more water on average in the summer and 50 percent more annually than customers without irrigation systems.

How It Works

The rebate is available to SAWS residential water customers ready to make permanent structural changes to their irrigation systems that result in long-term water savings.

Step 1: Schedule a Residential Irrigation Consultation

All Irrigation rebates begin and end with an irrigation consultation. Call 210-704-7283 (SAVE) or request an appointment onoine.

We recommend you schedule your consultation at least 2-4 weeks in advance of any planned work.

Appointments last about an hour. Our landscape experts will run your irrigation system and make recommendations specific to your home. You’ll receive written recommendations you can use when hiring an irrigator or doing the work yourself. They will let you know about any coupons you may be eligible for and leave you with a rebate offer.

The rebate offers are good for 12 months from the date of the first consultation.

Step 2: Complete the Irrigation Rebate Checklist

After your initial consultation, complete the irrigation rebate checklist to better understand what the consultant will be looking for in the final inspection.

Step 3: Complete Changes to your Irrigation System

Remember, you MUST have an irrigation consultation before any irrigation work for a rebate can begin. Have a licensed irrigator complete the work or you may complete it yourself. If you do the work yourself, you must follow all city and state laws governing irrigation installation and design. If you complete the changes to your irrigation system and call to schedule the final inspection within 90 days of the first consultation, SAWS will add a 10 percent bonus to whatever irrigation rebates you have earned!

Step 4: Schedule and Pass your Final Irrigation Rebate Inspection

After the work is complete, schedule the final inspection. Our consultants will test your system to document and verify the eligible changes made to the system. You will sign a final inspection agreement and commitments during the appointment. SAWS will calculate the final rebate amount and contact you by email within five (5) business days.

For rebates of $600 or more, SAWS will provide you with an IRS W-9 Form at the final inspection or send it in your approval email to complete and return. Due to federal IRS regulations, SAWS is required to send a 1099 Form in the following year for your tax return. Rebate checks will not be released to the recipient until the completed W-9 form is returned to SAWS.

Step 5: Rebate Check Issued

Successful rebate recipients will be issued a check within eight (8) weeks of their email notification of rebate approval. Checks will be made out to the name on the SAWS account. If a different name or mailing address for the check is to be used, this information needs to be provided at the final inspection. The check will be mailed first class via U.S. Postal Service to the mailing address on the final inspection agreement.

Rebate Requirements

SAWS rebates are based on the amount of water savings. Landscape watering drives peak demand for the entire utility, so the rebate takes into account the size of the irrigation system and how many gallons of water it uses.

The rebate amount is based on your system size (number of zones) and use (average gallons per minute measured during the initial consultation).

Landscape and irrigation changes are expected to be a permanent change to your property.

The table below shows your options, the requirements and rebate amount ranges:

Permanent Retirement of Irrigation System

Change Requirements
Removal of Irrigation System
(Active Systems: $750-$5,000)
(Non-functional Systems: $450)
  • Irrigation controller removed
  • Backflow and box for backflow removed and connection capped
  • Visible zone valves and boxes for zone valves removed

Targeted Changes

Total rebate for targeted changes not to exceed 75% of rebate for permanently disabling the system.

Change Requirements
Removal of Irrigation Zone
($200-$750 per zone)
  • Zone valve and box for valve removed from ground
  • Visible spray heads removed
Spray Zone to Point Source Drip
($100-$375 per zone)
  • Landscape beds only, no sub-surface grass installs.
  • Drip emitters must not apply more than 0.6 gallons per hour
  • Drip emitters may not be present in areas without plants
  • Indicator head required
Conversion to Pressure-Regulated Heads
($50-$175 per zone)
  • All heads in a zone must be changed to an approved, pressure-reducing spray or rotary option
  • Grass areas only

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