RainSaver Cistern Rebate

RainSaver Cistern Rebate

Residential SAWS customers may receive a rebate based on each applicant’s unique combination of water savings and project cost.

The RainSaver Custom Rebate assists homeowners with large sites who wish to save potable water through the use of large cisterns. When designed and managed appropriately, rainwater harvesting can save the homeowner and community potable water, which then can be applied to future needs.

Project Design

The project must be designed for permanent potable water savings and any adjacent landscaping must be able to survive with only natural rainfall and the harvested water stored in the cisterns. Potable water backup is not permitted. Properties may not use irrigation systems to supplement water for the landscape. A rain water harvesting calculator can assist you in determining cistern size.

You can request a special RainSaver landscape consultation by emailing consult@saws.org. Our staff will help you determine how much water your landscape requires and match it to the size of the cistern.

The rebate amount is determined by the permanent water savings the project can achieve. SAWS staff works with the site owner to determine the equipment and installation cost, and the amount of water saved. All rebate agreements are subject to available funds within each fiscal year.

RainSaver Custom Rebate requirements:

  • Be a SAWS customer in good standing, i.e., all bills paid and no outstanding citations
  • Have a plan with the proposed landscape changes identifying the drought tolerant species and system of water application from the cistern(s)
  • Have a plan with the proposed cistern size(s), materials, and costs
  • Sign a contract with SAWS

How It Works

  • Develop a project overview with details about the project such as the landscape changes, expected cost, estimated equipment life, methods to calculate water savings and project start/end dates.
  • Send project proposals to SAWS for approval before starting the project to: SAWS Conservation RainSaver Custom Rebate, P.O. Box 2449, San Antonio, TX 78298-2449
  • SAWS may conduct inspections prior to approval and following project completion to confirm and review the items presented in your proposal.
  • Written notification of the project approval will include a contract with the terms of the rebate.

Program policies and procedures are subject to change.

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