Watersaver Coupons Program Eligibility & Highlights

Watersaver Coupons Program Eligibility & Highlights

WaterSaver Landscape and Patioscape Coupon Program Eligibility & Requirements

General Requirements:

  • Coupon recipients must meet these eligibility requirements: (a) must be a SAWS residential water customer (b) Must be the homeowner at the location where coupons will be utilized.
  • Customers may receive a maximum of four coupons (any combination of WaterSaver Landscape and Patioscape) per service address per season.
  • Customers who have redeemed eight total coupons lifetime per service address are no longer eligible for either coupon program.
  • If you have an irrigation system, you must remove all irrigation heads/driplines in the bed or patio area before planting or installing your patio. Doing so may also qualify you for a Residential Irrigation Design Rebate if certain criteria are met.
  • Customers with irrigation systems are required to schedule a free SAWS Irrigation Consultation to be eligible for a coupon. Call 210-704-SAVE (7283) or email us at consult@saws.org to schedule an appointment before making any changes to your irrigation system. Possible rebate opportunities will be discussed during the consultation.
  • The package is available for grass/turf replacement and irrigation removal only.
  • Participants can APPLY ONLINE. You will need to provide:
    • Your SAWS account number
    • The name on the account
    • Email address (so we can email the coupon(s) and contact you for a post inspection)
    • Phone number
    • How many of each coupon youwant to apply for
  • SAWS will email eligible customers an eCoupon(s) to the email address provided in the application.
  • Customers who request multiple coupons will receive them in separate emails. Allow one week from submission to receive your coupon(s).
  • eCoupons are redeemed from your mobile device at participating stores for a portion of the package cost. A cashier will enter their store code on your mobile device to validate the coupon.

WaterSaver Landscape Coupon Requirements

  • A WaterSaver Landscape Coupon provides a discount of up to $100 toward the purchase of plants. Nursery partner prices, customer plant selection and plant size will determine the plant package’s final cost.
  • Existing landscape beds are not eligible for the WaterSaver Landscape coupon.
  • New landscape beds must be at least 200 contiguous square feet per coupon.
  • Customers must purchase plants from the approved WaterSaver Coupon list. There will be no substitution of plants, nor does SAWS guarantee plant health. Please consult your nursery professionals and GardenStyle San Antonio for water, sun and maintenance needs.
  • Customers must pick 15 plants in any combination. Plants do have minimum size requirements. Small plants must be purchased in 1-gallon containers and small trees in 5-gallon containers. These are the standard size containers nurseries will have.
  • Customers are responsible for verifying sun and watering requirements for plants.
  • For the greatest success, thoroughly remove the grass in the bed area and mulch with 2-inches of mulch once the plants are planted.
  • The customer must agree to allow a post-inspection by a SAWS representative.

Patioscape Coupon Requirements

  • The coupon provides up to a $100 discount for purchase of feature items (flagstone, stepping stones or pavers). No substitutions are allowed. If the homeowner has an in-ground irrigation system they are removing portions of to comply with the coupon terms, the coupon provides up to a $200 discount for purchase of these items.
  • Customers must purchase enough of the feature item to cover 80 percent of a contiguous 200 square-feet of patioscape per coupon redeemed. For example, if using 12-inch x 12-inch pavers, the customer will have to purchase at least 160 pavers; if using flagstones, approximately 1.6 tons will be needed (varies on thickness of flagstone).
  • Patioscape must be at least 10 feet wide and cannot be used to create a pathway. See our example of patioscape designs.
  • Patioscapes must be constructed in a way that allows rain to infiltrate the ground (pervious). Concrete, mortar, asphalt or other impervious construction is not allowed.
  • The area prepared for the patioscape should be free of debris and have a hard packed, yet pervious sub-soil to build a proper patio foundation.
  • Base and fill material will be required to construct a functional patio, but are not covered by the coupon.
  • Coupons are for new patioscapes that replace grass and irrigation (if present in the project area). Recipients may not use this coupon for existing non-grass areas or existing patios.
  • The customer must agree to allow a post-inspection by a SAWS representative.

For more information on this program, contact SAWS Conservation at 210-704-SAVE (7283) or email consult@saws.org.

*Store prices, customer plant or patio material selection, plant size selected, delivery options and other individual project specific factors will determine the plant or patio package’s final cost. Please feel free to compare prices at participating retailers.